On Lipstick and Chasing Larry King Through the Grocery Store -- November Stories Worth Sharing

I’m obsessed with stories. And words. And the places they can carry us off to. And lately, I’ve been reading and listening to some pretty good ones.

Here are a couple of unpretentious and captivating stories that you should listen to and read this week. These storytellers, artists, and athletes strive to live on their own terms and encourage others to do the same.

  1. Life, business, success . . . it’s just like a nightclub. There are always three ways in...” I tuned in to the Rich Roll Podcast a few weeks ago to listen to an interview with Alex Banayan, an accomplished business author and a Forbes 30 under 30 business leader. The conversation is infectious, and Alex’s story of wild obstacles (chasing Larry King through the grocery story, sneaking into a Warren Buffet Shareholder meeting, and hacking his way onto the Price is Right) is downright inspiring.

  2. I’ve been tearing my way through Kate Harris’ book, Lands of Lost Borders. The book is spurring another wave of adventure within my bones, and I’m getting desperate for the road again.

  3. I’m SO ready to see the film 3100: Run and Become. It explores the spiritual elements of running and talks about running as the ultimate prayer and meditation form— speaking to mother earth...and showing her that you are capable of putting in the hard work and miles. Sign me up!

  4. A surface pattern design friend mentioned that she and her husband stayed at an Eco Village called Finhorn in Scotland, and I’m honestly so intrigued by the 500-person self-supported community.

  5. I’m curious what you think of this Walrus Article about the 28-year old New York political candidate, Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez’s, decision to wear red lipstick at her debates. It got me thinking about revolt and femininity and not apologizing for being you.

  6. John Fellows designed the Banff Film and Literary Festival T-shirts this year, and I’m swooning over his mountain line work.

  7. Spoonflower released their December surface pattern design challenges, and I’m excited for the Nordic/Scandinavian challenge. I’ve been peeping Real Nordic Living and envisioning my entry. I’m especially obsessed with the idea that Nordic spaces are supposed to be comfortable and cozy. They are supposed to be elegant and minimal, while also feeling lived in and soft — meaning that you should not be worried about breaking anything or getting your fingerprints on the glass. Scandinavian design rewards chipped mugs and red wine rings on the table because they make the space feel lived in. I LOVE that.

  8. I missed the Fresh Coast film festival in Marquette, MI this year but have a full list of rad outdoor films to catch up on now.

  9. Sticking with the Michigan theme, I am also enjoying the Yooper podcast Chat it U.P. Episode nine with Mike Forester, the art director at NMU (and former director at Burton Snowboards) was my favorite.

  10. I wrote a piece a few weeks ago for the Storied Hotels Campaign about the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. If you’re wondering about this storied Michigan island (why were there were fake nannies on the island in the 1900s and what exactly is buried beneath the hotel), then you should totally take a browse.

  11. I loved Stolen Dance by Milky Chance the first time around, but this week, I’m playing the acoustic cover by Twin Bandit and Josh Hyslop on repeat.

  12. I listened to climber, Alex Honnold’s podcast about hard work and following your dreams to the extreme, and am a bit obsessed.

  13. I want to draw a map — currently drooling over the Josie Portillio city and street maps.

  14. My brother and I listened to Anna Faris’s podcast with Bert “the Machine” Kreischer on our car ride up to Michigan, and I almost couldn’t drive straight because I was laughing so hard at Bert’s retelling of his mafia-studded study abroad experience in Russia.

  15. Lastly, I’m really into the idea of Dog Energy that climber Conrad Anker talks about on The Firn Line. Conrad says that we should welcome others with dog energy — the kind of stupid, crazy good, tail-wagging energy your dog gives you when you come home after work. I think about it whenever I see a friend that I haven’t seen in a while and am trying to get better at working dog energy into my every day life. (Conrad talks about it at minute 42 of the podcast if you need to zoom ahead).

Sending love as the cooler weather settles in on our corner of this blue and green rock.

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